All people matter to God. Serving others is all about taking who God has made us to be and using those passions, talents, and gifts to love others in the way of Jesus. At The Family Christian Church, we don’t see the church as simply a place to receive. It’s a place where we can give back, joining the mission Jesus started two thousand years ago. Everyone has something to offer and a role to play, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to serve and how to get involved. Check out the different ways you can join us as we serve the church and our community.

Plan a Visit

We would like you to plan a visit to The Family Christian Church for one of our worship services. In the event you know you will be attending, we ask that you send an email to Pastor Zhernan Dagdag or use our contact form he will gladly respond to you as we look forward to your visit.


Ministry Member

If you desire to become a member of the ministry, we encourage you to choose one of two options. (1) Join the service during any worship service when the Pastor makes and appeal for new members or (2) to be directed directly to ministry leaders for joining membership.

Baby Dedication

If you desire to have your child connected to our ministry through baby dedication, please email  Pastor Zhernan Dagdag.



Photo Credit by Billy Pasco on Unsplash